I. Presentations
II. Recognition of Guests
III. Confirmation of Agenda
IV. Adoption of Minutes of the Regular and Special Meetings held on July 8 and July 22, 2013.
V. Urgent Business
VI. Advertised Bylaws and Related Reports
VII. Public Notice Bylaws and Related Reports
1. CR13-103  Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment (13-Z-09) - Skyview Phase 6 Stage 1 (2013-45)
CR13-103 Report
Appendix A-1
Appendix A-2
Appendix A-3.1
Appendix A-3.2
2. DE13-105  Chad Jacklin:  Bylaw 2013-47
Chad Jacklin Brief.doc
3. 2013-45   The Regina Zoning Amendment Bylaw, 2013 (No. 19)
Bylaw 2013-45
4. 2013-47  The Regina Zoning Amendment Bylaw, 2013 (No. 20) 
Bylaw 2013-47
VIII. Delegations and Related Reports
1. DE13-106  Michele Cook: 722 - 17th Avenue
Michele Cook Brief.pdf
2. DE13-107  Wilma Staff:  722 - 17th Avenue
Wilma Staff Brief.pdf
3. DE13-108  Brett Ackerman:  722 - 17th Avenue
Brett Ackerman Brief.docx
4. CR13-104  Applications for Zoning Bylaw Amendment (13-Z-5) and Discretionary Use (13-DU-09) – Proposed Low-Rise Apartment 722 17th Avenue
Appendix A-1
Appendix A-2
Appendix A-3.1
Appendix A-3.2
Appendix A-3.2a
Appendix A-3.2b
Appendix A-3.3
Appendix A-3.3a
Appendix A-3.5
Appendix A-3.5.1
Appendix A-3.5.2
Appendix A-3.5.3
Appendix A-3.5.4
Appendix B
IX. Tabled Report, Related Communication and Bylaw
1. CP13-21  Archie Cameron:  Royal Regina Golf Club - Request to Table Report (Tabled July 8, 2013)
Archie Cameron - Royal Regina Golf Club.doc
2. CP13-22  Leah McDonald:  Royal Regina Golf Club Request for Property Tax Exemption - Further Request to Table
Royal Regina Golf Club - Request to Table
3. CR13-102  Request for Property Tax Exemption Royal Regina Golf Club (Tabled July 8, 2013)
CR13-102 Report
4. 2013-44  The Properties Exempt from Taxation Amendment Bylaw, 2013 (Tabled July 8, 2013)
Bylaw 2013-44
X. Mayor's Reports
XI. Administration Report
1. CM13-3  Indoor Skateboard Park
CM13-3 Report
XII. Committee Reports
1. Board of Police Commissioners
2. Community and Protective Services Committee
3. Executive Committee
1. CR13-105  Capital Budget Advance Approval – Fleet Bus Purchase
CR13-105 Report
2. CR13-106  Three-Year Contract with Crown Enterprises for Off-Site Storage
CR13-106 Report
Appendix A - Crown Agreement.pdf
3. CR13-107  2013 Elected Official Appointments to the Mayor’s Housing Commission 
CR13-107 Report
4. Finance and Administration Committee
5. Public Works Committee
6. Regina Planning Commission
XIII. Informational Reports
1. IR13-6  2013 Semi-Annual Review of Closed Executive Committee Items
IR13-6 Report
Jan-Jun Closed Items Schedules.doc
2. IR13-7  2012 Public Accounts
IR13-7 Report
Appendix A - Public Accounts.pdf
XIV. Motion
1. MN13-4  Downtown Transit Shuttle Service
Downtown Transit Shuttle Service
XV. Bylaws and Related Reports
1. CR13-108  Community Services Fees and Charges  (2013-50)
CR13-108 Report
Community Services - Fees and Charges 2013 - Appendix A.pdf
2. CR13-109  Interim Extra-Municipal Servicing Policy and Fee Structure (2013-51)
CR13-109 Report
Appendix A - Extra-Municipal Servicing Request.pdf
Appendix B - Criteria Checklist for Evaluating.pdf
Appendix C - Criteria Checklist for Evaluating.pdf
ATTACHMENT 1 - Interim Extra-Municipal Servicing Policy.pdf
ATTACHMENT 2 - Interim Extra-Municipal Servicing Fees and S.pdf
ATTACHMENT 3 - Current Policy and Process for Reviewing Req.pdf
ATTACHMENT 4 - Stakeholder feedbacks on the Interim Policy.pdf
3. CR13-110  Housing Incentives Policy – Revisions to the Current Policy  (2013-49)
APPENDIX E -2 Capital Incentives Map 2009-2013(Close Up).pdf
APPENDIX E -3 Tax Incentives Map 2009-2013.pdf
APPENDIX F-1 DRIP info.pdf
APPENDIX F-2 DRIP Policy 1997.pdf
CR13-110 Report
Appendix A Housing Incentives Policy.pdf
APPENDIX B Policy revisions diagram.pdf
APPENDIX C Housing Incentives Policy Jan2012.pdf
APPENDIX D Housing contributions 2006-12.pdf
APPENDIX E -1 Capital Incentives 2009-2013.pdf
4. 2013-49  The City of Regina Condominium Policy Amendment Bylaw, 2013
Bylaw 2013-49
5. 2013-50  The Community Services Fees Amendment Bylaw, 2013
Bylaw 2013-50
6. 2013-51  The Regina Administration Amendment Bylaw, 2013 (No. 5)
Bylaw 2013-51
XVI. Enquiries
XVII. Communications/Petitions and Related Reports
XVIII. Referred Delegations
XIX. Adjournment