I. Approval of Public Agenda
II. Minutes of the meeting held on February 13, 2013.
III. Administration Reports
1. EX13-16  101st Grey Cup Festival (Novewmber 20-24, 2013) and Championship Game (November 24, 2013)
2013 Grey Cup Executive Committee Report Final.doc
Appendix A 2013 Grey Cup City of Regina Cost.FINAL.pdf
Grey Cup 2013 org structureMarch 6,2013.FINAL.ppt
2. EX13-17  Amendments to Bylaw No. 2009-20 - The Regina Regional Opportunities Commission Bylaw
RROC Bylaw Amendment.doc.docx
Appendix A.pdf
Appendix B.pdf
3. EX13-18  Penny Discontinuance Policy - Chantges to The Regina Administration Bylaw No 2003-69
2013 - Penny Discontinuance Policy.FINAL.doc
Appendix A.doc
IV. Other Reports
1. EX13-19  Debt Limit and Future Considerations
2013 - Debt Limit and Future Considerations_ FINAL.doc
V. Resolution for Private Session