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Administration has received a request to donate a bus shelter in memorial. The location of Elphinstone Street and Qu’Appelle Drive currently has no shelter however, the location warrants a shelter. All costs for purchase and installation are provided by the donator.




Regina Transit provides shelters to provide protection while waiting for a bus. Their primary function is to protect the transit customer from the weather both directly (e.g. rain), and indirectly (e.g. splashing caused by passing cars). A donator has approached the Transit Department wanting to purchase a shelter in memorial. The donator requested that a shelter be placed in the Normandy Heights/River Heights neighbourhood as her mother rode the bus from that area for decades.




The Transit Department has a warrant rating system to determine if locations meet the criteria for a shelter. Transit Administration applied the bus shelter warrant rating system (see Appendix A), to the bus stops in that area and found that the bus stop on Elphinstone Street at Qu’Appelle Drive, northbound, met the warranted criteria. A view of the area can be seen in Appendix B. The shelter that will be put in this location will be similar to the modern style shelters that have been installed at various bus stop locations in the last year. A picture of this type of shelter can be seen in Appendix C.




Financial Implications


There is no financial impact to the City. The donator has agreed to pay $18,589 for the purchase and installation of the shelter. The donation will be coded to 210-8402-Y001-54913-A1091. Once the shelter is installed, it will be owned and maintained by the City of Regina within the current shelter maintenance program budget.


Environmental Implications


Nothing with respect to this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


The implementation of a U-Pass helps achieve the transportation goals and policies in Design Regina: The Official Community Plans, specifically, “Goal 2: Public Transit: Elevate the role of Public Transit” in Section D3:


Policy 5.11: Enhance transit service in existing residential neighbourhoods to support continued residential and employment growth.



Other Implications


None with respect to this report.


Accessibility Implications


The bus shelter will be big enough to accommodate mobility devices




None with respect to this report.




The determination of the placement of shelters is within the authority of the Community and Protective Services Committee.



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