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The Commission adopted a resolution to concur in the recommendation contained in the report, after:


·              Labelling the last appendix attached to the report as Appendix C; and

·              On page 3, under "Miscellaneous ("Housekeeping") Amendments, under the first bullet, replacing "Figure 2" with "Figure 4".


Recommendation #4 does not require City Council approval.


Councillors:  Mike O’Donnell (Chairperson), Jerry Flegel and Barbara Young; Commissioners: David Bale, Phil Evans, Adrienne Hagen-Lyster, Simon Kostic, Laureen Snook and Steve Tunison were present during consideration of this report by the Regina Planning Commission.



The Regina Planning Commission, at its meeting held on December 6, 2017, considered the following report from the Administration:




1.              That Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 be amended by adding the Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan, attached to this report as Appendix C, as Part B.16.


2.              That Bylaw No. 2016-61 (Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan approval) and Bylaw No. 2017-12 (Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan amendment) be repealed.


3.              That the City Solicitor be directed to prepare the necessary bylaw to amend Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 and to repeal Bylaw No. 2016-61 (Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan approval) and Bylaw No. 2017-12 (Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan amendment).


4.              That this report be forwarded to the January 29, 2018 City Council meeting for approval.




The revisions to the Southeast Regina Neigbourhood Plan (SENP) as addressed through this report refine the proposed road network for the southeast part of Regina and are intended to accommodate the interests of both the Government of Saskatchewan (Province), as it relates to the Regina Bypass (Bypass), and the interests of affected landowners, as it relates to access and land-use. Through the revisions addressed herein, a greater level of assurance will be provided that the Bypass will function as a high-capacity, unimpeded highway, while still ensuring that appropriate road connectivity and traffic management within the southeast is maintained.


In addition to revisions to the proposed southeast road network, this report addresses minor “housekeeping” items, which will ensure the SENP is consistent with other approved plans. The proposed revisions have been reviewed by the SENP landowners and the Province and have been subject to a negotiation process. As the proposed revisions result in greater clarification regarding the role of the southeast road network and the Bypass and will help ensure that the SENP is consistent with other plans, City of Regina (City) Administration recommends that the original SENP be replaced with the version that is attached to this report as Appendix C.




The SENP provides high-level policy direction for the growth, development and servicing of lands in the southeast part of the city and was approved by City Council on September 26, 2016 (Report CR16-107). Following approval, City Council approved an amendment to the SENP in March 27, 2017 (Report CR17-21) by deleting appended concept plans and policy requiring that concept plans be appended to the SENP. The purpose of these amendments was to address an administrative matter by separating concept plans from the neighbourhood plan, thereby making the concept plan approval and amendment process more expeditious.


Following the original approval and amendment, City Administration was informed by the Province that Provincial approval of the SENP (both original and amendments) would be withheld until revisions to the SENP were undertaken in order to provide greater assurance that the Bypass would be protected as a high-capacity, unimpeded highway. Following this, City Administration worked with affected landowners and the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (MHI) to identify a solution that would meet the requirements of MHI relating to the function of the Bypass and the requirements of the landowners relating to access and land-use. This process was successful and a solution amenable to all parties concerned was identified.


Approval of the SENP, by the Province, is a requirement of the Planning and Development Act, 2017 (Act), as the SENP forms part of Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 (OCP) as a “neighbourhood plan” (OCP - Part B). Provincial review of neighbourhood plans is a lengthy process and was extended in this case due to the dynamic and complex factors associated with the Bypass. Consultation with MHI did occur throughout the SENP preparation process and the SENP did reflect consultation; however, it was determined by the Province that Provincial approval would be contingent on refinements to the road network. Although the SENP has not yet received approval by the Province, as City Council approved policy, it has been used to guide development and servicing in the southeast part of the city.




The primarily intent of the SENP amendments is to provide further clarification that the proposed southeast road network will not impede the function of the Bypass, while still allowing appropriate traffic management and access in the southeast. Regarding potential impacts to the Bypass, the concerns of the Province focussed on two key issues:


Anaquod Road - Arcola Avenue Intersection


Anaquod Road is a proposed north-south collector road that is intended to intersect with Arcola Avenue between Chuka Creek and the Bypass interchange. The purpose of this proposed roadway is to provide additional access into the southeast lands, as Tower Road, south of Victoria Avenue, will be decommissioned due to the Bypass proximity and will no longer connect with Arcola Avenue. The Province’s key concern with the proposed Anaquod Road-Arcola Avenue intersection is that it is too close to the Bypass interchange and will therefore, potentially result in safety issues, in addition to having a negative effect on Bypass functionality.


Although the SENP does have policy prohibiting the construction of the Anaquod Road-Arcola Avenue intersection where functionality from a safety perspective cannot be demonstrated, it is now the preference of the Province that the intersection be removed entirely or that further restrictions be imposed. As the City acknowledges the proximity issue, options for a limited intersection was explored. As a result of discussions with the Province and affected landowners, it was decided that a limited “right-in, right-out” intersection would be satisfactory, as it would allow for some ingress/egress to lands east of Chuka Creek, while still protecting the Bypass from the perspective of safety and functionality. This aforementioned solution is reflected in the proposed SENP amendments through map and policy revisions.


Primrose Green Drive - Bypass Connection


Primrose Green Drive is identified as a collector road between Green Bank Road and Anaquod Road and as a “potential collector road” between Anaquod Road and the east boundary of the city. The purpose of showing a potential extension of Primrose Green Drive to the east boundary is to allow for future regional interconnectivity via Betteridge Road.


The timing for an extension of Primrose Green Drive to the east is unknown, but is assumed to be a long-term future undertaking, as it would require an overpass across the Bypass and a railway crossing. Although the timing for the extension is unknown, it is the opinion of City Administration that the SENP show the extension as “potential”, in order that the right-of-way be maintained in the event that in the future, it is deemed prudent to construct.


The concern of the Province, as it relates to the Primrose Green Drive extension, is that the SENP is not clear enough that no connection directly to the Bypass will be allowed. To address this, the proposed amendments include map changes that show that no connection to the Bypass will be permitted; thereby inferring that the extension would require an overpass. The City did not receive any comments opposing this proposed amendment from the affected landowners to the east of the Bypass and the Province has indicated its support for this solution. The lands to the east of the Bypass will obtain their primary access from the Bypass Service Road, which connect to Arcola Avenue.


Miscellaneous (“Housekeeping”) Amendments


Miscellaneous amendments include revisions to some of the maps and text information in order to ensure consistently between the SENP and other documents. Amendments include:


·              Replacement of OCP - Part A Growth Plan Map excerpt (SENP Figure 4), as the OCP - Part A was revised, after City Council approved the SENP, by amending the Growth Plan. The Growth Plan is included in the SENP as a reference item only.


·              Revisions to the SENP Land-Use Plan (SENP Figure 11) by changing the designation of lands between the Bypass Service Road and the east boundary, south of Chuka Creek, from “Prestige industrial Area” to “Light and Medium Industrial Area”. The designation of Light and Medium Industrial was applied to the aforementioned lands as part of the Chuka Creek Business Park Concept Plan approval; however, an amendment to the SENP was not considered to be necessary, as the change was deemed to be minor. As the City is now amending the SENP, it is considered appropriate to amend the Land-Use Plan at this time.


Proposed key SENP map changes are shown as Appendix A of this report; total list of proposed amendments is included as Appendix B.




Financial Implications


The financial implications associated with the approval of the SENP are outlined in the SENP approval report (Report CR16-107). No new financial implications result from amendments.


Environmental Implications


The environmental implications associated with the approval of the SENP are outlined in the SENP approval report (Report CR16-107). No new financial implications result from amendments.


Accessibility Implications


The accessibility implications associated with the approval of the SENP are outlined in the SENP approval report (Report CR16-107). No new financial implications result from amendments.


Strategic Implications


The amendments of a substantive nature addressed through this report relate to the road network. Through the amendments addressed herein, assurance is provided that Primrose Green Drive will not connect directly to the Bypass and that the Anaquod Road - Arcola Avenue intersection will be limited to “right-in, right-out” movements only. City Administration concludes that no strategic implications arise from these amendments, as the City’s Transportation Master Plan does not identify either Anaquod Road or Primrose Green Drive extending to the regional networks. Further, a sufficient level of connectivity will still be maintained in the southeast.


Other Implications


As approval of the SENP represents an amendment to the OCP, review and approval of the SENP must be undertaken by the Province, as per Section 39 of the Act. City Administration engaged in significant consultation with the Province through the amendment review process and has been informed that the proposed amendments meet the requirements of the Province; therefore, City Administration does not anticipate any issues with the review or the results.




Landowner Engagement


As part of the SENP amendment review, the City consulted with the landowner consortium that sponsored the preparation of the SENP. These landowners hold a majority of the land in the SENP area and are most affected by the proposed amendments. The City has not received any comments from the landowners consulted, opposing the proposed SENP amendments


Public Engagement


As the proposed SENP amendments relate to specific technical matters that affect mainly specific landowners and due to the fact that the SENP area has only begun to be developed, an open house was not deemed necessary. Notice regarding the City Council date, where the proposed SENP amendments will be considered for approval, will be posted in the Leader Post.


Regional Engagement


The SENP area is located within the Joint Planning Area (JPA) with the Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 (RM), as identified by the OCP. In conformity with the intent of the JPA, the City provided the RM with an opportunity to comment on the revised neighbourhood plan. Having reviewed the information, the RM has indicated that they have no objections.


Governmental Engagement


As part of the SENP amendment review, the City consulted, extensively with MHI. The MHI reviewed the proposed SENP amendments and have indicated that they support the revisions.




City Council’s approval of Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 amendments are required pursuant to The Planning and Development Act, 2007.



Respectfully submitted,






Elaine Gohlke, Secretary


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