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Councillor O'Donnell: Autonomous Vehicles - Connected Vehicles - Electric Vehicles


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WHEREAS the technology for autonomous vehicles has recently advanced rapidly with auto makes and tech companies joining to aggressively gain competitive edge; and


WHEREAS manufacturers have invested significant capital to ensure they can ramp up production for the near future; and


WHEREAS manufacturers are investing in large fleets of autonomous vehicles to be part of the ride sharing business and we now have the start of legislation allowing ride sharing within the province of Saskatchewan; and


WHEREAS there is concurrent research also occurring with regards to connected vehicles so that congestion can be minimized along with a reduction in fuel consumption as well as a method to improve road and pedestrian safety; and


WHEREAS there has also been a significant amount of research and investment into electric (battery powered) vehicles and how they may be part of large, commercial autonomous fleets; and


WHEREAS it is likely that much of the initial development of autonomous vehicles could likely been large transport vehicles;





1.              The City of Regina monitor the research and trials that are currently underway and will shortly be undertaken with regards to autonomous and connected vehicles.


2.              The Administration report back to Regina City Council in the second quarter of 2019 with analysis as to the impacts or potential impacts upon the City of Regina of these type of vehicles and to take into account any impact of a large number of vehicles powered by batteries and the need for charging stations.


3.              The Administration give consideration to any advantage the City of Regina may have with being one of the leading edge communities with regards to testing of autonomous vehicles given our varied climate.


Respectfully submitted,


Mike O’Donnell

Councillor - Ward 8


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