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Annual Review of the Development Appeals Board Policies and Procedures


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Report Body



To review revisions to the Development Appeals Board Policies and Procedures for approval.




Financial Impacts


The 2024 budget includes funding for the operation of the Development Appeals Board (DAB).




The Board can direct further amendments to the Policies and Procedures.




This report is available as part of a public agenda.  As such, is available on the City of Regina’s website.


All members of the Development Appeals Board will be provided with a copy of the approved Policies and Procedures document for 2024.




The DAB is established by City Council pursuant to Part XI, Appeals, Division 1 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007 (The Act).  City Council has delegated authority to the DAB to establish procedures for Hearings pursuant to subsection 215(5) of The Act.


The Board should, on an annual basis, review and discuss the information in its Policies and Procedures to determine if any further changes are necessary.


At its annual meeting held on January 10, 2023 the board reviewed and approved amendments to its policies and procedures.  The approved document is attached as Appendix A.


Throughout the year, the Secretary notes any items that arise which should be addressed in the Boards policies and procedures, including changes in terminology and to legislation, and updated practices of the Board.


A potential amendment was flagged shortly after the 2023 Annual General Meeting and a hearing for an appeal whereby the jurisdiction of the Board was under question. It was identified that Section 11 Appeal Jurisdiction Guideline, required updating and clarification to better reflect the Boards practices. 


The Secretary has drafted a revision, attached as Appendix B, which was approved in principle by the Chair mid-year.  Once approved by the entire Board, the Secretary will incorporate the revised section into the 2024 document.




On October 20, 1999, Reginas Development Appeals Board adopted the “Regina Development Appeals Board – Policies and Procedures”This document is reviewed by the Board on an annual basis.


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Prepared by: Janice Hudson, Secretary of the Development Appeals Board



Appendix A Board Policy 2023

Appendix B DAB Policies and Procedures 2024 Section 11