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Review of 2022 Decision Wording Precedent Document


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  2. 2022 Decision Wording Precedent

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To facilitate a review of the Board of Revision Decision Wording Precedent Document.




There are no accessibility, environmental, financial, legal/risk, policy/strategic or other impacts.




The Decision Wording Precedent Document is attached in Appendix A for consideration by the Board. The document may be reviewed, amended, or added to at any time by the Board to ensure that it meets the needs of the members.


This document was created by Board members to assist in streamlining the process of writing decisions. The references in the document assist in standardizing the form and content of decisions issued by different Board panels. The document is focused on more commonly experienced situations. Other situations will arise where members will be required to determine the wording required. Members are encouraged to use the document in writing decisions as a guide and to actively participate in the review and evolution of the document.




The recommendations contained within this report are within the delegated authority of the Board of Revision.

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