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2022 Legal Counsel


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At its annual AGM, the Board of Revision appoints legal counsel to provide legal support to the Board of Revision. The Board of Revision is required to appoint legal counsel for the 2022 property tax appeal year.




Financial Impacts


The 2022 Board of Revision budget includes an allowance for legal counsel.


There are no accessibility, environmental, policy/strategic or other impacts.




None with respect to this report.




The City of Regina is responsible for providing legal support to the Board of Revision.  The appointment of the legal counsel is determined by the Board of Revision and with the budgetary approval of City Council. In recent years, the practice has been to appoint legal counsel outside the office of the City Solicitor. The selected individual should be familiar with the legislation and processes that are required to be followed by quasi-judicial boards, such as the Board of Revision. The professional ethics of the individual engaged as legal counsel for the Board will ensure objective and independent advice on issues requiring review on behalf of the Board.


For the years 2000 to 2021, Bill Johnson, Q.C. of Gerrand, Rath & Johnson Law Firm was appointed as legal counsel to the Board.


With the retirement of Bill Johnson, Q.C., the Secretary of the Board has reviewed options for legal counsel and has recommended Kim Bodnarchuk of Kim Bodnarchuk Legal Corp on the basis of her experience and foundation of knowledge in relevant legislative and administrative proceedings pertaining to municipal tax assessment and law in Saskatchewan. Kim Bodnarchuk will be engaged to represent the Board and provide legal opinions at the request of the Board as required in 2022.




The recommendations contain in this report are within the delegated authority of the Board of Revision.


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