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Downtown Design Standards


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Administration developed a five-year Downtown Road Renewal Plan to renew the infrastructure, address infrastructure safety issues, improve walkability and accessibility for pedestrians, and aesthetic improvements. This is in alignment with the Official Community Plan, including maintaining existing infrastructure as well as including elements that enhance the viability, vitality, and growth of our city


The intention of this memo is to provide an overview of the new design for sidewalks proposed for the downtown core projects and to receive feedback from the committee.




The City of Regina (City) is investing in revitalizing the downtown district with consultation of the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) initiative.


The City has rehabilitated and implemented upgrades to Victoria Avenue which include pedestrian safety by installing curb extensions that reach out into the road to shorten the distance for pedestrians through the intersections.


RDBID engaged an architect consultant to create a unique and identifiable ‘look’ to the downtown. This is with the intention of bringing more commerce and activities to the area as well as to create a unique identity that includes concrete sidewalks, landscaping and street lighting. Through collaboration with RDBID and the consultant, Administration has drafted new

construction standards for the sidewalks and lighting unique to the downtown, as follows:



The plan is to widen sidewalks from existing 1.8 meters to 2.5 meter where possible to provide more comfortable movement for pedestrians. Where widening not possible due to existing property limits, buildings or other obstructions, sidewalks will remain at their existing width. The existing interlocking bricks are planned to be replaced with concrete.


To provide a unique look to the downtown, RDBID’s consultant developed decorative sidewalk panels. Administration and industry reviewed the proposal and adjusted the design so that it was constructible, repeatable and walkable and remains in alignment with the RDBID vision, as well as meets the objectives of the City.


The draft drawing of the decorative sidewalks and description of the design can be found in Appendix A.



The streetlight lighting designs were revised based on Transportation Association of Canada illumination guidelines to improve safety and visibility. The existing black streetlight poles meets the existing requirements and were designed for the downtown. The selected streetlight heads will bring better lighting as well as a new ‘look’ to the downtown.  A positive outcome of the redesign is with higher illumination for each fixture will reduce the number of streetlight poles, enhancing pedestrian walkability on sidewalks.


The picture of the new streetlight fixture can be found Appendix B.


Mid-block Crossing

The mid-block crossing will improve pedestrian safety as it lines up with the Victoria Park pathway about mid-block, where pedestrians currently cross at on a regular basis. The crossing will have pedestrian ramps on both sides and extend out into the road. Providing pedestrian safety, less distance to cross, a defined crossing and require vehicles to slow down to drive through the narrowed road at that spot. Both pedestrian corridor paint lines and signage will be part of the work to complete the crossing. This work will also include new street lighting on both sides.


The mid-block crossing can be found in Appendix C.


2021 Downtown Construction

Construction work in the downtown is planned for this year where new elements of the downtown design will be implemented. A concept drawing of the projects can be found in Appendix D.


Scarth Street

Will receive a full replacement of concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters along the west side (Victoria Park), as well as some repairs and spot replacement on the east side. The scope of work includes installation of some major infrastructure by SaskPower as part of the collaborative work plan. The sidewalk on the west side will include the decorative sidewalk and new lighting.


There is a midblock crossing on Scarth Street that will be reinstated as part of the work. Streetlight poles will be kept as is, other than changing out the streetlight heads to the new modern heads on the east side. As the concrete is in fair to good condition and so only spot replacement is required at this time.


Lorne Street

Will receive a full replacement of the sidewalk, curb and gutter and existing interlocking brick with decorative sidewalk.  As well as widening the sidewalk from 1.8 meter to 2.5 meter on the east side (Victoria Park) and installing a mid-block crossing. The sidewalk on the east side along Victoria Park will be widened an additional 700 millimetre for a finished width of 2500 millimetre.




Administration would like to have an open dialogue with the Accessibility Advisory Committee about this Downtown initiative as described above.



Respectfully submitted,