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Meeting Schedule for 2021


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City Council, at its meeting held on December16, 2020, approved the meeting schedule for 2021. A calendar which lists approved meeting dates for City Council and Committees is attached as Appendix “A”. Their schedule is set each year in accordance with the provisions of The Procedure Bylaw, 9004. The purpose of this report is to facilitate the establishment of 2021 regular meeting dates for the Accessibility Advisory Committee.












An updated calendar will be circulated which includes the meeting dates of City Council and all committees. This calendar will be provided to the local media and any other interested parties who request the information.




The Accessibility Advisory Committee should establish its regular meeting schedule for 2021, with the dates selected:


·         to allow timely submission of reports to City Council or other committees;

·         to avoid conflict with other scheduled meetings, such as the Executive Committee; and

·         to fit the schedules of Committee members.


It is also proposed that the Accessibility Advisory Committee select a date for its first meeting in 2022. Based on this year’s meeting schedule, it is proposed the Committee hold its first meeting of 2022 on Tuesday, January 18 at 4:00 p.m.




The Accessibility Advisory Committee has the authority to establish a meeting schedule.


Respectfully submitted,



Prepared by: Tracy Brezinski, Council Officer