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Regina Exhibition Association Limited - 2020 to 2035 Strategic Plan


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Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) has provided the committee with a copy of its renewed Strategic Plan, see Appendix A.




REAL’s Board of Directors has approved a new Strategic Plan which will guide REAL’s stewardship of the Evraz Place site. Receipt of this information does not constitute approval for REAL to implement those elements of the Strategic Plan that require a decision by City Council.


There are no financial, environmental, policy, strategic, accessibility or other implications or considerations associated with this report. Any such impacts arising from REAL’s implementation of their Strategic Plan will be brought forward in future reports as and when it is appropriate to do so.




None to consider.



None with this report.




Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) undertakes the care and management of City owned lands and facilities located at Evraz Place. REAL is a non-profit corporation whose voting memberships are owned entirely by the City of Regina. The governing document for REAL’s relationship with the City is the Unanimous Members Agreement (UMA) executed on January 1, 2014.


In general terms, REAL is to provide, operate and maintain multi-purpose facilities for events and activities (including sports and other entertainment) and to promote agricultural industries and services.


REAL’s mandate as set out in the UMA is to:

·         Operate in the best interests of the community and enrich the quality of life for people in the community through the hosting and delivery of local, regional, national and international events


·         Develop, operate and maintain City and other facilities to provide world-class hospitality for trade, agri-business, sporting, entertainment and cultural events that bring innovation, enrichment and prosperity to the community


·         Operate with an entrepreneurial spirit and to pursue expanded business ventures that could generate additional revenue


In accordance with the UMA, the business and affairs of REAL are managed by its Board of Directors which shall at times act independently of the City with the full authority to make strategic business decisions. As a result, City Council approval of REAL’s Strategic Plan is not required.


However, under the UMA, REAL has not been given the capacity to act as an agent of the City unless the City provides express written permission to REAL to do so. Consequently, as REAL pursues the implementation of their 2020 to 2035 Strategic Plan there will be decision items that REAL will bring forward to City Council for deliberation.


Senior leadership from both the City and REAL will continue to work together collaboratively to support REALs implementation of its Strategic Plan.





The recommendation to receive and file this report is within the delegated authority of the Priorities and Planning Committee.


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Diana Hawryluk                                          Chris Holden

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