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5600 Waterer Road - Zoning Bylaw Amendment - PL202000132


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The applicant and owner Dream Developments proposes to rezone 5600 Waterer Road (subject property) from RH – Residential High-Rise Zone to I – Institutional Zone to accommodate the development of a parking lot to support the existing Harbour Landing Village, a mixed-use seniors facility, to its immediate south. The I – Institutional Zone will also allow for further development on the lot to support uses similar to Harbour Landing Village. The subject property is an undeveloped vacant site within the Harbour Landing neighbourhood.


This application is being considered pursuant to The Planning and Development Act, 2007

(Act), Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 (OCP) and the Regina Zoning Bylaw No. 2019-19, including suitability based on the prescribed evaluation criteria for discretionary uses established in Part IE.3. The proposal has been assessed and complies with all applicable policies, regulations and standards.




Financial Impacts

The subject area currently receives a full range of municipal services, including water, sewer and storm drainage. The applicant will be responsible for the cost of any new, or changes to existing infrastructure that may be required to directly or indirectly support any proposed development that may follow, in accordance with City standards and applicable legal requirements.


Policy/Strategic Impact

The proposed development does not conflict with any OCP policies and is consistent with the following OCP goals/ policies:


·         Section D11, Goal 5, Policy 13.20.1: Promoting “aging in place” within the design

of new and existing neighbourhoods.


Harbour Landing Village is a seniors-oriented facility. This rezoning will support the continued function of that facility in addition to benefiting further seniors-oriented development.


·         Section D5, Goal 1, Policy 7.14: Require that new neighbourhoods, new mixed-use neighbourhoods, intensification areas and built or approved neighbourhoods are planned and developed to include the following:

o        Opportunities for daily lifestyle needs, such as services, convenience shopping, and recreation;


The development will enhance the viability of the existing multi-use development of Harbour Landing Village and further promote the provision of lifestyle needs within the neighbourhood.




Alternative options would be:


1.      Approve the application with specific amendments to the plan.


2.      Refer the application back to Administration. If City Council has specific concerns with the proposal it may refer it back to Administration for further review. Referral of the report back to Administration will delay approval of the development until requested information has been gathered or changes to the proposal have been made.


3.      Deny the application. Development of land use will not proceed on the subject property if City Council rejects the application.




The applicant and other interested parties will receive a copy of the report and notification of their right to appear as a delegation at the Council meeting when the application will be considered. The Applicant will receive written notification of City Council’s decision in accordance with The Planning and Development Act, 2007.






The proposed development consists of a 30-stall parking lot to the immediate north of the existing Harbour Landing Village. The subject property at 5600 Waterer Road is zoned RH – Residential High-Rise Zone and is proposed to be rezoned to I – Institutional Zone and consolidated with the existing Harbour Landing Village which is on a lot zoned I – Institutional Zone. Transportation, Parking Lot is not a permitted use within the RH – Residential High-Rise Zone. However, with this rezoning the parking lot can be subdivided out of the existing parcel at 5600 Waterer Road and consolidated with 4000 James Hill Road, which contains Harbour Landing Village making it accessory parking which is permitted. The City of Regina is currently reviewing this subdivision application as it under administrative authority and will proceed separately.


Harbour Landing Village is a multi-use seniors facility comprising of seniors housing, a day care, hair salon, coffee shop, and a restaurant. The future parking lot will support the vitality of these uses and reduce the parking overflow onto neighbouring streets. The Harbour Landing neighbourhood is in excess of the 50 people/ha requirement. Therefore, this application will not impact the density requirement of this regulation. The existing development at Harbour Landing Village includes 39 parking stalls, which was a relaxation of the required 43 parking stalls under Regina Zoning Bylaw No. 9250. The applicant has indicated significant parking pressure of the development on the surrounding neighbourhood and concluded that more parking was required for the function of the development and neighbourhood.


The remaining parcel at 5600 Waterer Road will retain the I – Institutional Zone. The applicant has indicated a desire for a development on that site similar to the existing Harbour Landing Village, though no application has been submitted at this time.


The land use and zoning related details of this proposal are summarized in the following table:


Land Use Details




RH – Residential High-Rise Zone

I – Institutional Zone

Land Use




Transportation, Parking Lot

Building Area




Zoning Analysis



Number of Parking Stalls



Min. Lot Area (m2)

500 m2

6,577 m2


Community Engagement


In accordance with the public notice requirements of The Public Notice Policy Bylaw, 2020, neighbouring property owners within 75 metres of the proposed development received written notice of the application and a sign was posted on the subject site. The Harbour Landing Community Association was contacted but did not respond. Comments from neighbouring properties are captured in Appendix B.




On May 26, 2014 City Council rezoned this property from UH – Urban Holding to CZ – Contract Zone (CR14-54) to support a Multipurpose Care Facility. The development never proceeded, and the Contract Zone was discharged on October 27, 2017. The property reverted to its base zoning of R6 – Residential Multiple Housing Zone, which became RH – Residential High-Rise Zone upon the adoption of Regina Zoning Bylaw No. 2019-19.


City Council’s approval is required pursuant to Part V of The Planning and Development Act, 2007.


Respectfully Submitted,              Respectfully Submitted,



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