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Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (PL201900059) Rosewood Park Phase 1, Stage 3


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Troika Management Corporation (the Applicant), operating on behalf of the current owners, 101259367 Saskatchewan Limited, proposes to rezone lands within Phase 1, Stage 3 of the Rosewood Park Concept Plan area. This is the third stage of residential development in the Rosewood Park neighbourhood.


The proposal has been assessed and is deemed to comply with The Regina Zoning Bylaw, 2019 (Zoning Bylaw); Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48 (OCP); the Coopertown Neighbourhood Plan and the Rosewood Park Concept Plan.




Financial Impacts

Capital funding to provide municipal infrastructure that is required for subdivision and development in the concept plan area will be the sole responsibility of the developer. The municipal infrastructure that is built and funded by the developer will become the Citys responsibility to operate and maintain through future budgets.


Environmental Impacts

The subject property is located within the Low Sensitivity Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone on land currently subject to agriculture cultivation. The proposal is required to comply with the applicable protection performance standards which are reviewed at building permit phase.


Policy/Strategic Impact

The proposed development supports the following OCP goals/policies:


·         Section D5, Goal 1, Policy 7.1 & 7.1.5: Require that new neighbourhoods, new mixed-use neighbourhoods, intensification areas and built or approved neighbourhoods are planned and developed to include the following:

o        A diversity of housing types to support residents from a wider range of economic levels, backgrounds and stages of life, including those with specific needs.




Alternative options would be to refer the application back to Administration or deny the application.




The applicant and other interested parties will receive a copy of the report and notification of the meeting to appear as a delegation in addition to receiving a written notification of City Councils decision.



The applicant proposes a Zoning Bylaw Amendment to rezone land from UH Urban Holding Zone to RH Residential High-Rise Zone. The proposal would accommodate residential development in accordance with the RH Residential High-Rise Zone.


The proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment aligns with the approved Rosewood Park Concept Plan (Appendix A-4) as the RH Residential High-Rise Zone implements the intended Flex Area 1 which is limited to:


·         Residential development;

·         Recreational development;

·         Institutional development; or

·         Commercial (vertical mixed-use buildings only) development.


The subject property is located at the intersection of Mapleford Boulevard and Silverleaf Boulevard; immediately adjacent to the Plainsview and St. Nicholas Joint-use School within the Rosewood Park Neighbourhood. The Rosewood Park neighbourhood is being developed and currently consists of a joint-use school (Plainsview School and St. Nicholas School) and a Religious Assembly (Rosewood Park Alliance Church). Lands to the northeast are undeveloped; however, are identified for residential development in accordance with the Rosewood Park Concept Plan (Appendix A-4). Mapleford Boulevard, Silverleaf Boulevard and the intersection of these roads are constructed and operational.


The Rosewood Park Concept Plan (Appendix A-4) establishes a framework for directing land use, development and servicing for a proposed new neighbourhood located in the Coopertown Neighbourhood Plan Area.


The related subdivision application is being considered concurrently in accordance with Bylaw No. 2003-3, by which subdivision approval authority has been delegated to Administration. Appendix A-3 shows the plan of proposed subdivision.


Letters were mailed to immediate property owners in the vicinity, a sign was posted on the site and statutory notice will be published in the Regina Leader-Post. The Twin Lakes Community Association was advised of the application. Administration did not receive any comments from the public and therefor no issues were raised through this outreach.




The Coopertown Neighbourhood Plan was approved by City Council on April 24, 2017 (CR17-37) and the Rosewood Park Concept Plan was approved by City Council on December 18, 2017 (CR17-132).


City Councils approval is required, pursuant to Part V of The Planning and Development Act, 2007.



Respectfully submitted,                                                        Respectfully submitted,



Prepared by: Pam Ewanishin, City Planner II