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20-HBRP-01 1401 Robinson Street (Albert Library)


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The owner of the Municipal Heritage Property known as Albert Library on 1401 Robinson Street is requesting a grant to assist in recovering costs associated with the replacement of a steam heating boiler unit.




Financial Implications

Section 28(a) of The Heritage Property Act enables City Council to provide grants to any person, organization, agency, association or institution with respect to a heritage property. The Heritage Incentive Policy approved by City Council on August 25, 2014, established a cash grant of up to $50,000 for tax exempt properties but limited to a maximum of 50 per cent of eligible conservation costs.


The estimated total project cost of the eligible work is $37,400 (exclusive of taxes). Therefore, the project would quality for a cash grant of approximately $18,700. If actual costs exceed the corresponding estimates by more than 10 per cent, the owner shall provide full particulars as to the reason(s) for such overruns.


The proposed 2020 Operating Budget includes $50,000 for cash grants allocated to the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.


Environmental Implications

The conservation work proposed will ensure the building continues to be used and maintained.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications

Conservation of Albert Library meets the following policies of Design Regina: The Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2013-48:


Section D5: Land Use and Built Environment

Goal 6 - Built Form and Urban Design

7.38                         Consider impacts of alterations, development, and/or public realm improvements on or adjacent to an historic place to ensure its heritage value is conserved.

Section D8: Culture

Goal 1 – Support Cultural Development and Cultural Heritage

10.1              Build partnerships and work collaboratively with community groups, other levels of government, and the private and voluntary sectors to encourage cultural development opportunities and conserve historic places.

10.4                      Protect, conserve and maintain historic places in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and any other guidelines adopted by City Council.

10.5                      Encourage owners to protect historic places through good stewardship and voluntarily designating their property for listing on the Heritage Property Register.

10.11                  Leverage and expand funding, financial incentive programs and other means of support to advance cultural development, cultural resources and conservation of historic places.


There are no accessibility, risk/legal or other implications or considerations.




The application may be refused or postponed to a future meeting date.




The property owners and Heritage Regina will receive a copy of this report for information.




City Council approved Bylaw No. 7716 (Appendix B), designating 1401 Robinson Street as Municipal Heritage Property, on February 20, 1984. Albert Library was built in 1927 and marks the original location of one of Reginas first branch libraries. The Architect, Joseph Warburton, incorporated Gothic detailing in the entranceway and decorative features in Tyndalstone and Terracotta. The building is a landmark within the North Central community.


Conservation Work and Eligible Costs

The steam heating boiler unit in the building has stopped functioning and the owners plan on replacing it with a new unit. Two estimates of $41,400 and $37,400 were received from companies with experience in plumbing and heating. Based on the lower cost estimate of $37,400 and the criteria in the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program, the Administration has determined that the owners of the property on 1401 Robinson Street are eligible to receive a cash grant to a maximum of 50 per cent of the estimated total project cost. The exact amount of the grant to be disbursed will be based on the actual cost of the conservation work as identified in submitted invoices.




This is a new grant application under the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program.



Respectfully Submitted,              Respectfully Submitted,




Prepared by: {Femi Adegeye, Senior City Planner}