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The Ministry of Education has initiated preliminary discussions with the City of Regina (City) staff concerning the construction of a new joint-use school to replace Argyle School and St. Pius X School. The Ministry’s preferred option is to build the new school on the site of the current Argyle School and L’Arche Park, with the required parking being accommodated across the street on a portion of Kinsmen Park. In order to facilitate the Ministry’s preferred option, Administration will require further discussions with the Ministry to work to a complementary solution for both parties and the community, that would include consultation with the latter.




Through the 2019-2020 budget, the Government of Saskatchewan identified Argyle and St. Pius X schools to be re-built as a joint school. The re-build of these schools as a joint facility is identified in a Memorandum of Agreement between The Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division and The Board of Education of the Regina School Division dated February 14, 2017. 


In February 2019, the Ministry approached the City about the possibility of using a portion of Kinsmen Park to accommodate the required parking for the proposed joint-use school. While the current Argyle Park/L’Arche Park site is larger, compared to the St. Pius X site, it is not large enough to accommodate the similar type of structure recently constructed by the Ministry - typically a two storey building - as well as have enough land area to provide the required site parking, bus drop off space and open space. 




While the decision to construct a new school, joint or otherwise, lies with the Ministry, and no formal application has been made, the Ministry has engaged the City in discussions over the potential of accommodating parking for the new school at the corner of Kings Road and Lakeview Avenue, located within Kinsmen Park. 


The Ministry is only required to consult the school councils. As such, they want to bring all options forward for consultation, therefore they need to know whether the City is willing to consider the Kinsmen parking option before they go out and meet with the school councils.  Administration’s understanding is that the Ministry would have to rule out the possibility of a joint school before they would consider building individual schools. The options the Ministry would like to take out to the school councils are:

1.              Joint school at Argyle School/ L’Arche Park site with parking on a portion of Kinsmen Park; or

2.              Joint school only on Argyle School/ L’Arche Park site with onsite parking.


Administration has indicated that public consultation and a City Council decision would be required to accommodate option number one. It should be noted that L’Arche park is owned by the Government of Saskatchewan and we utilize and maintain two baseball diamonds on their lands.


Administration has indicated to the Ministry that public consultation would need to be completed before a final City Council decision, as Council would want to hear the feedback from the community of turning a portion of Kinsmen park into a parking area. As such, the City would be part of the consultation, which the Ministry has indicated will most likely be led by the Public School Board, to garner feedback from the community on the parking in Kinsmen Park should Council decide to pursue this option with the Ministry. The feedback from the consultation would be brought back to Council in order for Council to make a final decision.


The existing St. Pius X site is approximately 1.960 hectares and L’Arche park combined with the proposed parking in Kinsmen Park amounts to approximately 1.829 hectares.


Proposed Terms

The development of a new school on the existing Argyle site and L’Arche Park, along with the construction of the parking lot on Kinsmen Park, would mean the loss of programmable recreational park space. To ensure the City remains whole, including impact to assets, Administration would require the following terms be met by the Ministry should the City continue to be involved in discussion surrounding the future joint-use school:

1.              Continuing discussion around the use of Kinsmen Park for a prospective joint-use school does not constitute approval.

2.              The City must remain whole with respect to loss of land.

3.              The Ministry would be responsible to re-build lost City recreational facilities at their cost.

4.              All upgrades to infrastructure would be the financial responsibility of the Ministry.




Financial Implications


None with respect to this report however a financial summary would accompany a future report that would be considered by City Council.

Environmental Implications


None with respect to this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


None with respect to this report.


Other Implications


None with respect to this report.


Accessibility Implications


None with respect to this report.




The City will work with the Ministry of Education and the School Boards on the consultation and engagement strategy regarding Kinsmen Park should this process proceed.




The recommendations contained within this report require City Council approval.


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