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Review of Outstanding Items


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1.              That the following item be deleted from the list of outstanding items for Regina Planning Commission:






Regina Planning Commission

Civic Naming Committee Guideline Review


2.              That this report be forwarded to Executive Committee for information.



Report Body



This report reviews the status of outstanding items that have been referred to the Administration for reports to Regina Planning CommissionRegina Planning Commission should review the items and provide instructions on the need for any changes to priorities.




Subsection 35(2) of City Council's Procedure Bylaw requires the City Clerk to provide a report to the Executive Committee annually which lists all items and the priority of the items that have been tabled or referred by City Council or one of its committees.  The purpose of this report is to provide a list of the outstanding items for Regina Planning Commission as at November 30, 2018.




Lists of Outstanding Items are maintained for City Council and its main committees.  Items on the list may originate from:


·                     a recommendation in a report which indicates that another report will be forthcoming;


·                     a motion adopted to refer an item back to the Administration or to request a report on a related matter;


·                     a motion adopted by City Council or another committee requesting the Administration to prepare a report.


The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for maintaining and updating the lists.  Items remain on the list until a report or the committee recommends their removal. The lists are updated with additions and deletions, as meetings are held and after review by the Executive Committee.  The last review of outstanding items as at December 31, 2017, was considered on January 17, 2018.


As most items on the list were related to the RRI or the comprehensive review of the Zoning Bylaw, with return dates not anticipated before 2019, and it was previously confirmed that MN18-9 regarding Landscaping Regulations was being considered at the December 6, 2018 meeting, it was not necessary to circulate the list to departments for further review and comments.


The outstanding items report is first circulated to the affected Committees prior to Executive Committee consideration.  This process allows committees to have more detailed discussions of each item with the Administration and among themselves to determine priorities for Council consideration.


Attached to this report as Appendix “A” is a list of the outstanding items before Regina Planning Commission. 




Financial Implications




Environmental Implications




Strategic Implications


Regular review of outstanding items provides both Council and the City Administration an opportunity to review and refocus priorities and resources as required based on current initiatives, needs of the community and corporate strategy.


Other Implications




Accessibility Implications






No specific public communication is required in relation to outstanding items.  This report will be posted to the City of Regina website for public viewing.




Executive Committee is required to provide direction to the City Manager in relation to items on the outstanding items list for City Council or any of its committees along with directing any changes in priority.



Respectfully submitted,


Respectfully submitted,

Amber Ackerman,

A/Deputy City Clerk

Jim Nicol,

City Clerk


Report prepared by:

Elaine Gohlke, Council Officer