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Sale of City Property – 20 Sheppard Street - Regina Huda School


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1.      That the sale of the City of Regina (City) owned subject property to the Regina Huda School at market value be approved, subject to the approval to sell dedicated lands.


2.      That the Administration be authorized to finalize any other commercially relevant terms and conditions of the sale documents.


3.      That the City Clerk be authorized to execute the Sales Agreement documents as prepared by the City Solicitor.


4.      That this report be forwarded to the December 17, 2018 meeting of City Council for approval after public notice has been advertised.


Report Body



When considering the sale of City-owned land, standard procedure is for Administration to ensure the land is made publicly available and to offer the land for sale at market value.

In this case, the subject land is to be sold to Regina Huda School without any public offering, but at market value, which requires City Council approval. This report is to facilitate the direct sale of the land to Regina Huda School, subject to the approval to sell dedicated lands, which requires a separate approval and will be brought to Council through the Regina Planning Commission.  




Regina Huda School was established in 1999 as an independent Islamic school, it partnered with Regina Public Schools in 2011. The partnership allows teachers, students, and families to access the division’s student assessment programs, professional development and support programs as well as other resources.  Regina Huda School’s mission for students is to gain the best of Canadian culture while preserving their Islamic identity. The school has grown from 20 students and two teachers in 1999 to 589 students and 61 staff today. 


The school caters to the Muslim Community but is not exclusive and welcomes non-Muslim students if they agree with objectives of the school.  The staff are all non-Muslim except for teachers who are teaching Arabic and Islamic manners.


The school is well respected nation-wide and attracts highly skilled professionals to Regina who are interested in having their children attend an Islamic School, receiving one to two inquiries per week from parents interested in moving to Regina should their child be granted a space at the school. 


In 1999, the Huda School purchased the site previously owned by the Harvest City Christian Academy (The Academy) at 40 Sheppard Street. The subject property (20 Sheppard Street) is adjacent to 40 Sheppard Street and is dedicated Public Reserve.  It was utilized by The Academy for playground/recreation areas as per agreement with The Regina Public School Board.


The Huda School Board contacted the Province in early 2018 asking to purchase the subject land in order to expand their school. They were told by the Province that the land could be made available to them if the City was to obtain title to the land from the Province. 


Following contact from the Huda School Board, the City requested the Province to transfer the title into the City’s name.  As the Academy no longer occupies the site at 40 Sheppard Street, the Province was willing to relinquish the parcel at 20 Sheppard Street to the City of Regina as per Section 191 subsection 6 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007 upon the City’s request.


The title was transferred to the City of Regina on August 14, 2018. Following the transfer, the Real Estate Branch began the first of three due diligence processes, an internal circulation to determine if internal departments would approve the sale. The next steps include seeking the approval through the Finance and Administration Committee and City Council to sell the land directly without a public offering and finally seeking the approval to sell dedicated land through the Regina Planning Commission and City Council.




This report is to facilitate the direct sale of this property at market value to the Regina Huda School subject to the approval to sell designated lands.


Additionally, because 20 Sheppard Street is dedicated land, it cannot be sold until approval to sell dedicated land is granted as per Section 199 subsection (2) of The Planning and Development Act, 2007.  This process is expected to take approximately six months and is running concurrently through the Regina Planning Commission and City Council to receive the appropriate approval.


Administration is seeking approval to sell the land directly to the Regina Huda School at the same time that the process seeking permission to sell dedicated lands is taking place.  Should approval to sell the land directly to the Regina Huda School not be approved, the application to sell dedicated lands would be withdrawn.


Selling the land to the Regina Huda School allows them to construct a state-of-the-Art building including more classrooms, a Prayer Hall and potentially another building which would serve as multi-purpose facility and gymnasium. The land acquisition would compliment their current building, allowing them to better integrate and serve their growing community.


The goals of the School support The City of Regina’s Official Community Plan (OCP) as outlined in this report.    Pending the approval of this recommendation and the approval to sell dedicated lands, a purchase and sale agreement will be drafted by the City Solicitor based on the following: 


Subject Property:              20 Sheppard Street Approximately 8145 square metres (Appendix A)


Purchaser:                                          Regina Huda School.


Purchase Price:                            $681,234.75


Deposit received:                            $182,574.12




Financial Implications


If the recommendations in this report are approved the sales proceeds of $681,234.75 will be deposited into the dedicated land sales reserve as per Section 9 of The Dedicated Lands Regulations.


Environmental Implications


None associated with this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


Official Community Plan (OCP)


The sale of this land would support the following Official Community Plan Goals:


Goal 1 – Culture

Support Cultural Development and Cultural Heritage


Goal 2 - Inclusion


Respond to the cultural needs and aspirations of Regina’s increasingly diverse population through culturally relevant programs, services and facilities.


Goal 3 – Accessibility

Ensure access to cultural resources, learning opportunities and activities.



Partner with stakeholders to improve promotion of, awareness of, and access to cultural resources, learning opportunities, and activities. 



Support equitable access to cultural resources, practices and activities.

Social Development 


Goal 1 – Social Sustainability

Promote and enhance social sustainability by recognizing that quality of life in a community depends on both its physical and community resources.



Encourage the use of ACTIVITY CENTRES, open space, community resources, and other areas within the public realm for neighbourhood gatherings, accommodation of service providers, and delivery of community programs.


Goal 5 – Social Inclusion

Ensure that Regina is socially inclusive and strives for social equality regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, income, sexual orientation, ability or family structure.



Partner with stakeholders and the broader community to promote education and awareness programs and social marketing strategies as a way to advance cultural awareness, as well as to prevent and reduce bullying, racial tensions, and misunderstanding among diverse populations.


Other Implications


The approval of this report is subject to the independent process running concurrently through City Planning seeking approval to sell dedicated lands.  The Regina Huda School will be required to comply with the City’s building standards.  The Real Estate Branch has registered an easement to protect the City’s drainage infrastructure on the subject property. 




A copy of this report and Council’s decision will be provided to the Regina Huda School.




As provided in section 101 (1) (k) of The Cities Act, the sale of City-owned property without a public offering and a sale at less-than-market-value rates cannot be delegated to the Administration and therefore requires the approval of City Council.


Respectfully submitted,

Barry Lacey Signature


Barry Lacey, Executive Director,

Financial & Corporate Services