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Electronic On-Street Parking Payment Bylaw Change


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At the June 25, 2018 meeting of Council, a motion was passed to start the procurement process for a pay by phone parking system in 2018 and that the transaction fees be passed on to the customer. This system will improve customer service by allowing a credit card payment at any paid parking spot downtown.




Upgrading the technology for paid parking in the downtown core will give customers more payment options and improve the convenience of on-street paid parking. Currently, the vast majority of the paid parking infrastructure in the City only has a coin payment option. These meters are reliable and cost effective; however, they do not provide the modern parking experience that customers have come to expect in comparison with other western Canadian municipalities such as Saskatoon and Calgary.


A report to City Council (CR 18-64) recommended immediate procurement and implementation of an electronic payment system. Council approved this recommendation. To allow payment through electronic means the Traffic Bylaw needs to be amended as per Appendix A of this report.




Administration has begun the process for procuring a pay by phone system which will integrate with the current enforcement system and meter infrastructure. The system will allow payment for parking through a smartphone without the deposit of coin. Enforcement officers will be able to check for parking through handheld devices to verify payment. The system will have no initial capital cost and the City will pass the convenience fee on to the user as approved by Council. Implementation of this system will mean 100 per cent of on-street paid parking spots will have the option of paying with a credit card through the pay by phone application.


The current meter infrastructure does not have network connectivity meaning that if a customer pays through remote means, there is no way to communicate the payment to the meter in the field. Instead, the electronic validation will be accessible to the parking enforcement officer which will indicate that the vehicle is not in violation of the Traffic Bylaw. The meter in the field will indicate ‘expired’ which is currently only allowed under proscriptive exceptions under the Traffic Bylaw.


The bylaw has exemptions for depositing coin at metered stalls for drivers with permits, drivers with special vehicles, as well as all vehicles during nights and weekends. Amendments to this section will allow exemptions for coin deposit if the customer pays for parking using the new phone payment app. Other amendments are wording changes to allow for payment using electronic payment in addition to coins as well as adding the option to charge a transaction fee for electronic payment.


The bylaw amendments found in Appendix A of this report will allow the City to implement an electronic payment option. The meter infrastructure will remain unchanged and customers will still have the ability to pay by coin if desired. The timeline for full implementation of the pay by phone system depends on the completion of the procurement process and the successful vendor.




Financial Implications


Since the transaction fee is passed on to the customer there is no long-term budget impacts. 


Environmental Implications


Better on-street parking management will lead to less congestion of vehicles circling downtown looking for parking and, therefore, decrease vehicle emissions.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


The priorities highlighted in this report further the City’s commitment to improving customer experience and convenience in the delivery of core services, especially those services that look to promote and support an economically vibrant and vital downtown core area.


Other Implications


None with respect to this report.


Accessibility Implications


A pay by phone option will not affect the accessibility of the current infrastructure as it remains unchanged.




Administration will inform and engage the Downtown Business Improvement District as this work takes place. A communications plan will also be developed to inform the public.




The recommendations contained in this report require City Council approval.


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Shalley

Respectfully submitted,