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Councillors Stevens and Bresciani: Safe and Accessible Sidewalks


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WHEREAS the Transportation Master Plan aims to “Promote active transportation for healthier communities” as well as “Safe and Efficient Infrastructure”;


WHEREAS according to statistics compiled by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the province has seen an average of 43.4 hospitalizations per 100,000 people between 2011 and 2016 related to slips and falls, the highest rate in Canada;


WHEREAS a City survey conducted in 2012/2013 found that approximately 257 km of sidewalk are not being cleared;


WHEREAS the City receives service requests due to snow and icy sidewalks;


WHEREAS the City of Regina Clean Property Bylaw requires commercial property owners to clear their sidewalks within 24 - 48 hours;


WHEREAS report PW13-18 indicated that most cities in Saskatchewan possess sidewalk clearing bylaws, including Saskatoon, as well as major “winter” cities across Canada;


WHEREAS “encouragement” programs, like the Snowbuster program, have been cut or have not been successful;


WHEREAS the City currently does not have any options available for residents to access or apply for optional snow clearing on sidewalks that are not within the Winter Maintenance Policy;


WHEREAS sidewalks that are not cleared create undue hardship for residents, particularly related to accessibility;


WHEREAS Saskatoon’s Bylaw No. 8463 The Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw, 2005 has been used to clear 44 properties, at the expense of property owners since 2015, improving the accessibility of City sidewalks in these instances;




The Administration prepare a report respecting the following amendments to Bylaw No. 9881 The Clean Property Bylaw for City Council consideration by Q2 of 2018:


1.      That the owner of a residential property be required to clear the sidewalks along the front and flankage sidewalks adjacent to their lot within 48 hours after a snowfall;


2.      That Bylaw Enforcement have the authority to:


a.       visit a site, and give notice to clear the sidewalk; and


b.      if upon re-inspection the sidewalk is not cleared the City will have a contractor complete the work and charge the cost to the owner’s property taxes;


3.      Repeat non-compliance may also result in the issuance of a fine, as per provisions of the Bylaw.


4.      Accessibility challenges faced by residents due to snow and ice on sidewalks.


Respectfully submitted,



Councillor Andrew Stevens


Councillor Lori Bresciani