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Regina Downtown Improvement District - Expansion of Victoria Park Maintenance Building


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The following addressed the Committee:


-              Leasa Gibbons, representing Regina Downtown BID; and

-              Kurt Diedrich, representing Regina Downtown BID, Architect


The Committee adopted a resolution to concur in the recommendations contained in the report.

Recommendation #4 does not require City Council approval.


Councillors: Jerry Flegel (Chairperson), John Findura, Andrew Stevens and Lori Bresciani were present during consideration of this report by the Community and Protective Services Committee.



The Community and Protective Services Committee, at its meeting held on March 16, 2017, considered the following report from the Administration:




1.              That City Council authorize the Executive Director of City Services to negotiate and approve the terms of an agreement between Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) and the City of Regina (City) for the construction by RDBID of an addition to the City’s storage facility in Victoria Park to be donated to the City and leased to RDBID as further detailed in this report;


2.              That the City Solicitor's office be instructed to prepare an agreement containing the terms negotiated by the Executive Director of City Services;


3.              That the City Clerk be authorized to execute the agreement(s) on behalf of the City after review and approval by the City Solicitor.


4.              That this report be forwarded to the March 27, 2017 meeting of City Council for approval.




The Regina Downtown Business Improvements District (RDBID) has continued to increase programming and services in the downtown to activate City Square spaces in an effort to create a vibrant atmosphere.  In order to facilitate this level of programming and service, a storage facility is required to house program supplies such as tables, chairs, and large games as well as maintenance equipment, such as a sidewalk sweeper and snow removal equipment. To fill this need, Administration is recommending Council approval to enable RDBID to construct and maintain an addition to the City’s existing maintenance building in Victoria Park. RDBID will incur all capital, operating and capital maintenance costs.


It is further recommended that the City accept the building as a donation and provide exclusive use back to RDBID through a long-term lease agreement, at no additional cost. This will allow the City to determine the capital maintenance schedule in consultation with RDBID and maintain a cohesive appearance to the building.




The Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) has been partnering with the City of Regina on the delivery of programming in the downtown for a number of years. Since the City Square Plaza (the Plaza) was constructed RDBID has increased the level of programming and services that they offer in the downtown in order to provide recreational and cultural opportunities for citizens and to create an inviting and vibrant downtown.




Since the Plaza was constructed, RDBID has increased their level of programming as well as the level of services provided to businesses and citizens visiting downtown. Some of the regular programs and services RDBID currently provides include Cinema Under the Stars, Downtown Concert Series, Skating, Exploration Days, Downtown Clean Team, Info on the Go, Downtown art projects, game day events and a number of other activities on the plaza.


In order to provide these programs and services to the citizens of Regina and the businesses downtown, RDBID requires a space to store maintenance and program supplies and equipment. RDBID was storing program supplies in the Novia Cafe adjacent to the Plaza however, this building was deemed unsafe and storage was relocated to a temporary trailer on the Plaza in 2015. Although this temporary facility has been helpful, there is still not enough room for all supplies, and maintenance equipment has to be stored off site which may not be sustainable into the future.


Administration worked with RDBID to consider options for storage such as other locations to construct storage or adding storage to a future development in the downtown. However, in order to provide program to the City Square area without additional operational costs, it was determined that storage should be located as close as possible to Victoria Park, the Plaza and F.W. Hill Mall where most programming takes place. Although there are plans to construct the West Pavilion building on the Plaza in the future, it is not suited to house large program supplies, such as tables and chairs or maintenance equipment. Through internal consultations, it was determined that an addition to the existing Victoria Park maintenance building would be best suited to accommodate the amount of storage needed for service equipment and program supplies, while at the same time being the least invasive location in relation to the park and the Plaza.


The planned addition will be identical to the existing facility (Appendix A) and RDBID will be responsible for the full costs of construction and future maintenance. Due to the fact that this is an addition to a City building, the Administration is recommending that the City take on ownership of the addition once complete. The Administration would then perform any ongoing capital maintenance required for the facility with RDBID reimbursing the City for their portion of the work. Once the project is complete and ownership has been taken on by the City, Administration would then enter into a long-term lease agreement providing exclusive use of the facility back to RDBID at no additional cost.




Financial Implications


There are no financial implications to the City, as the RDBID will be responsible for all capital construction costs, day-to-day maintenance costs and future capital maintenance costs of their portion of the building.


Environmental Implications


There are no environmental implications associated with this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


The addition of program/service equipment storage for RDBID meets the objective in the Council approved Cultural Plan to Build Community through Partnerships and Collaboration, with the goal of enhancing vibrancy in the downtown.


This project also further supports the vision and principles of the Regina Downtown Neighbourhood Plan. By supporting RDBID to continue to provide program opportunities and to keep sidewalks tidy and cleared of snow, this work builds on City Square as a vibrant hub of activity where residents are encouraged to walk. Increased programming in the downtown is also consistent with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles; for example, there is a direct link between higher levels of activity in the downtown and citizens’ perceptions of safety. 


Accessibility Implications


There are no accessibility implications associated with this report.




The Community Services Department will work with RDBID and the Communications Department to ensure the construction of the storage building is communicated to the public. The RDBID will also do their best to ensure that construction is conducted in a manner that limits the impacts on those organizations booking and holding events in the park.




As provided in section 101 (1) (k) of The Cities Act, the lease of City-owned property without a public offering and a lease at less-than-fair-market-value rates cannot be delegated to the Administration and therefore requires the approval of City Council.




Respectfully submitted,





Kristina Gentile, Secretary