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Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency Annual General Meeting


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The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 12, 2017. City Council may appoint a voting delegate to vote on property assessment resolutions submitted to the SAMA Board and non-voting delegates to attend the meeting.




SAMA provides assessment oversight for the province of Saskatchewan, municipalities and property owners. SAMA’s AGM is taking place at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina on April 12, 2017. SAMA’s Annual Meeting Bylaw No. 2014-1 requires that City Council advise of the voting (up to two per Municipal Council) and non-voting delegates that are attending the AGM. Voting occurs on resolutions submitted to the SAMA Board in accordance with subsection 11.1(1) of The Assessment Management Agency Act for purposes that may include considering and adopting resolutions respecting property assessment. In 2016 Councillor Wade Murray was the voting delegate appointed by City Council.




The bylaws of SAMA allow City Council to appoint up to two voting delegates, as well as other non-voting delegates, for the SAMA AGM as indicated in the letter attached as Appendix A. Although there can be up to two people named as voting delegates, there is only one vote per municipality therefore Administration recommends only appointing one voting delegate. The letter from SAMA also advises that the theme of the 2017 AGM is “2017 Revaluation - Results and Expectations”. Business conducted at the meeting includes consideration of resolutions with respect to assessment policy and practices, Board of Directors annual report, reports from SAMA and consideration of any changes proposed by SAMA to assessment legislation.  The voting delegate would vote at the meeting on any resolutions regarding assessment policy that is before the resolution committee and there is opportunity to attend the sessions on the assessment system and 2017 revaluation results through the sessions offered.




Financial Implications


The registration fee of $75 per delegate for the SAMA AGM are within the 2017 operating budget.


Environmental Implications


None with respect to this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


SAMA is a strategic partner in providing advice and forwarding improvements to the assessment system in the province.


Other Implications


None with respect to this report.


Accessibility Implications


None with respect to this report.




The City Clerk will provided a copy of this report to SAMA advising them of City Council’s decision.




The recommendations contained in this report require City Council approval.


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Don Barr, Director / City Assessor                            Diana Hawryluk, Executive Director

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Don Barr, Director/City Assessor