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2017 Special Event Major Grants


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If approved, a total of $141,000 in Special Event Major Grants will contribute to annual events that Regina residents have enjoyed for many years and to several unique celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Confederation.




The Special Event Major Grant Program supports local events planned by non-profit organizations with the intention of building community pride and spirit. Eligible events are described as:

(i)              One-time or first-time events that celebrate, preserve, and enhance Regina’s identity by commemorating notable people, places and events, symbols and anniversaries; or

(ii)              Local events that promote the values of citizenship and identity on nationally recognized days (including Canada Day, National Aboriginal Day, and Remembrance Day); or

(iii)              Re-occurring events that have an established history of City-service support (e.g., transit services).


Organizations planning events in celebration of Canada 150 have been directed to the Special Events Major Program both because of the focus on a major anniversary and the promotion of values of citizenship and identity. This program complements funding provided to organizations through the Community Investment Grant Program’s (CIGP) Culture, Sport and Recreation, and Social Development funding streams for core operations, programming, annual events and activities, and special initiatives that are aligned with the City’s objectives and priorities.


Seven applications have been received for events to be held in 2017:


Appendix A: The Regina Jazz Society Corp. has requested $45,000, for the Canada 150 Anniversary - A Saskatchewan Musical Jazz Tribute, taking place in October, 2017;


Appendix B: Riel Co Productions Inc. has requested $33,000, for the Trial of Louis Riel 50th Anniversary Reunion, taking place in September, 2017;


Appendix C: The Circle Project Association Inc. has requested $12,000 for the 20th Annual National Aboriginal Day;


Appendix D: The RCMP Heritage Centre has requested $25,000 for the Tattoo Royale;


Appendix E: The Regina Canada Day Committee has requested $40,000 for Canada Day 150;


Appendix F: The Regina Folk Festival Inc. has requested $10,000 for Far & Wide: Great Spirit Canada 150; and


Appendix G: The Regina Multicultural Council Inc. has requested $50,000 for Mosaic: A Festival of Cultures.


All applications qualify for funding under the eligibility criteria above.




The occasion of the 150th anniversary of Confederation has inspired many of Regina’s cultural organizations to create new events or to expand their annual programming. Organizations rely on support from the City of Regina in terms of funding, capacity building and event logistics, and the increase in activity for Canada 150 is both exciting and challenging. This report marks submissions received for the first of three deadlines in 2017; the others occur on March 31 and August 30.  Administration anticipates that both the annual budget and the Community Investment Grants Reserve (Executive Committee) will be entirely depleted this year as Administration and Council work to support organizations in the production of innovative, culturally relevant and entertaining events.


These applications for the Special Events Major Grant Program were received prior to the January 31 deadline, and they are eligible for funding. Because of the unusually high demand on the Special Events Major Grant Program in 2017, the Community Services Department convened an adjudication panel to provide a broader assessment of the merits of each application. In addition to Community Services Department staff with culture, inclusion, sport and recreation, and granting expertise, the panel also included staff from the Communications Department with marketing and branding expertise. The panel met in February to assess the applications against the program’s assessment criteria, including organizational strength, program merit, community need, community impact, accessibility and financial need, as well as to make recommendations on funding.


Full assessments of each application are provided in Appendix H. The following table provides a summary of the requests and recommendations.




2016 Special Event Grant

2017 Total Eligible Expenses

2017 Dollars Requested

2017 Dollars Recommended

Regina Jazz Society Corp.

Canada ‘150' A Musical Jazz Tribute





RielCo Productions Inc.

50th Anniversary -Trial of Louis Riel





The Circle Project Association Inc.

20th Annual National Aboriginal Day





RCMP Heritage Centre

Tattoo Royale





Regina Canada Day Committee

Canada Day 150





Regina Folk Festival Inc.

Far & Wide: Great Spirit Canada 150





Regina Multicultural Council Inc.

Mosaic: A Festival of Cultures








Financial Implications


The approved 2017 General Operating Budget for Other Executive Grants is $203,200. Of the $203,000 budget $125,900 is allocated to fund the Major Special Events Program each year.


If the recommended community investment grants funding totaling $141,000 are approved, the Special Events Major program budget will be depleted and $15,100 will need to be paid out of the Community Investments Reserve (Executive Committee). This will leave a reserve balance of $101,000.


Given that this is the first deadline of three in 2017 and that a higher than normal volume of eligible applications are expected for Canada 150 events throughout the year, it is possible that the reserve could be depleted by year end. The Community Services Department has monitored the reserve over the last several years in anticipation that it would be required for Canada 150 events in 2017.


Environmental Implications


There are no environmental implications with the recommendations of this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications


The mission of the City’s Community Investment Grants Program is to fund community non-profit organizations to deliver programs, projects, and services that align with the City’s priorities, to have a clear community impact and to respond to community needs.


If approved, these special event grants will activate public space, engage Regina residents in new cross-cultural experiences, and in many cases provide a source of income to local artists. As such, the recommendations in this report support achievement of the goals of Regina’s Cultural Plan.

Other Implications


There are no other implications as a result of this report.


Accessibility Implications


There are no accessibility implications as a result of this report.




Grant recipients are required to recognize the City of Regina as a funding provider. The organizations will work with the Communications Department to arrange recognition and usage of the proper logo.




The disposition of this report is within the authority of Executive Committee.


Respectfully submitted,                                          Respectfully submitted,


Laurie Shalley, Director                                          Kim Onrait, Executive Director

Community Services                                                        City Services


Report prepared by:
Emmaline Hill, Manager, Community & Cultural Development

Travis Holt, Community Investment Policy Analyst