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Snow Storage Site Fee Bylaw Amendment


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The Committee adopted a resolution to concur in the recommendation contained in the report.  Recommendation #2 does not require City Council approval.



Councillors:  Sharron Bryce (Chairperson), Lori Bresciani, John Findura, Jason Mancinelli and Barbara Young were present during consideration of this report by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.



The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, at its meeting held on January 12, 2017, considered the following report from the Administration:




1.      That the City Solicitor’s office be instructed to prepare amendments to Schedules “L” and “J” of The Clean Property Bylaw, No. 9881 (Bylaw) to incorporate the modifications in the description of four truck categories, corresponding to the snow site user fees as indicated in the report.


2.      That this report is forwarded to the January 30, 2017 meeting of the Council for approval.




Snow Storage Site fees for four different truck categories were approved at the City Council meeting held on August 31, 2015. During the Snow Storage Site fee implementation process, it was discovered that some descriptions to the defined truck categories did not include all types of vehicles used to haul snow. As a result, changes to Schedules “L” and “J” of the Bylaw are required.




A recommendation contained in report CR15-86 for the approval of the Snow Storage Site fee was to amend the Bylaw by including a fee and fine structure for different truck categories.


The original truck categories contained in the 2015 report to Council (Appendix A to this report) were defined, based on the truck count surveys conducted at the Snow Storage Site during the 2014-2015 winter season. The proposed truck categories were presented to the snow hauling contractors during stakeholder meetings conducted in 2015 and were found to be satisfactory. Based on the stakeholder feedback, the City of Regina (City) proceeded with those categories.




As customers completed the application forms in the fall of 2016, Administration realized that there were some gaps and overlaps; resulting from interpretation of the previously defined truck categories or from potentially unlisted truck/trailer configurations. It was also identified through testing that the automated system would have difficulties differentiating between some trucks falling into different categories. Therefore, changes to the existing categories are proposed.


The reasoning behind the proposed new truck categories is as follows:


·         Automated system tests identified difficulties in differentiating quarter-ton, half-ton, three-quarter-ton and most one-ton trucks primarily due to similar lengths;

·         the single axle truck category was meant for bigger dump trucks, but it was interpreted by some applicants as any size single axle truck. It was unclear if three-quarter ton or one-ton single axle trucks were part of this category or the category listed above; and

·         a category was missing for tandem axle trucks or large single axle trucks with a trailer as this configuration was not expected based on past experience. The recent feedback received has indicated that this configuration may be used in the future.


Schedule “L” and “J” of The Clean Property Bylaw require amendments by replacing the current truck categories as reflected in Table 1 with new categories listed in Table 2 (Appendix B to this report). Attempting to enter the Snow Storage Site without a permit or to dispose of materials other than snow will result in a fine, dependant on the category of the violating truck as described in Table 2 above, wherein a notice of violation is issued (Schedule J, the Bylaw) and denial of future entry to the Snow Storage Site.




Financial Implications

It is anticipated that there will be no major impacts to revenue as these fee changes relate to vehicle classifications not previously identified by stakeholders and administration. The changes relate to the weight of vehicles and do not impact the volumes of snow anticipated.


Environmental Implications

None with respect to this report.


Policy and/or Strategic Implications

None with respect to this report.


Other Implications

The proposed modifications to the description of truck categories will provide better clarity for customers completing permit applications and for City staff involved in the process, which would reduce administrative costs and improve service levels.


Accessibility Implications

None with respect to this report.



The newly amended Bylaw will be posted on the Snow Storage Site website.



The recommendations contained in this report require City Councils approval.



Respectfully submitted,






Elaine Gohlke, Secretary