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Councillor O’Donnell: City of Regina Property Tax Billing


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Chief Legislative Officer & City Clerk

City Hall

Regina, Saskatchewan


Dear Sir:


Please be advised that I will submit the following NOTICE OF MOTION at the January 30, 2017 meeting of City Council.  This Notice is being provided in accordance with requirements set out in Section 29 of The Procedure Bylaw, No. 9004. I ask that this motion be placed on the agenda of the February 13, 2017 meeting of City Council dealing with the 2017 budget.


Re:               City of Regina Property Tax Billing


WHEREAS, the City of Regina is legislated to administer the property tax process within its jurisdiction; and


WHEREAS, tax collection is done on behalf of the Regina Public Schools, The Regina Catholic School Division, and the Regina Public Library; and,


WHEREAS, property tax payers should be provided full information on where their tax dollars go.




City Council approve that, for the 2018 tax year, recipients of property tax notices receive a single page information sheet that will address the average residential property tax bill for a City of Regina property that provides a breakdown of the amount that average household will pay for city services by stating the dollar amount for the largest city services, including, but not limited to, police, fire, capital expenditures, development services, recycling, community development, such as parks and recreation and general government costs.


Respectfully submitted,



Mike O’Donnell

Councillor, Ward 8