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Councillor O’Donnell: City of Regina Property Tax Billing


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Chief Legislative Officer & City Clerk

City Hall

Regina, Saskatchewan


Dear Sir:


Please be advised that I will submit the following NOTICE OF MOTION at the January 30, 2017 meeting of City Council.  This Notice is being provided in accordance with requirements set out in Section 29 of The Procedure Bylaw, No. 9004. I ask that this motion be placed on the agenda of the February 13, 2017 meeting of City Council dealing with the 2017 budget.


Re:               City of Regina Property Tax Billing


WHEREAS, the City of Regina is legislated to administer the property tax process within its jurisdiction; and


WHEREAS, tax collection is done on behalf of the Regina Public Schools, The Regina Catholic School Division and the Regina Public Library; and,


WHEREAS, providing one bill to property owners does not provide sufficient separation of where the collected funds are distributed.




City Council approve that, beginning with the 2017 budget, recipients of property tax notices receive two bills;

-              One will stipulate the property tax for both the municipal portion of the property tax and the library portion of the property tax. 

-              The other will stipulate the education portion of the property tax and will clearly state that while the City of Regina is the agent for collection, all education property taxes is currently remitted directly to the Regina Public Schools and The Regina Catholic School Division.


Respectfully submitted,


Mike O’Donnell

Councillor, Ward 8