Citizens who want to address a committee, may attend the meeting via teleconference. To attend, you must provide the Office of the City Clerk with the telephone number you will be using to call in. You can do this by email to or call 306-777-7262 no later than 12 P.M. on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. You will receive meeting details and instructions after you have confirmed your attendance for the meeting.

While City Hall is currently closed to the public to help contain the COVID-19 virus, this meeting will be streamed live on, Access 7 and when community programming permits, on TV Access Channel 7


Upcoming Meetings

June, 2020
Accessibility Advisory Committee - Public
Finance and Administration Committee - Public
Executive Committee - Public
Regina Appeal Board - Public
Mayor’s Housing Commission - Public
Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Public
Priorities and Planning Committee - Public
City Council - Public
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Past Meetings

June, 2020
Regina Planning Commission - Public
Community and Protective Services Committee - Public
Development Appeals Board - Public
May, 2020
Civic Naming Committee - Public
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